The citizen’s initiative, “One of Us” attacked by “the abortion industry”

Publié le 9 Jun, 2015

The European citizen’s initiative (ECI), ONE OF US, was launched in Europe in 2012. Over 1.7 million signatures were collected across Europe demanding greater respect for the human embryo.


The European Union was essentially asked to stop financing research warranting the destruction of human embryos and to no longer finance abortion as part of its assisted development policy, especially in countries where this practice is illegal.


The European Commission rejected the citizen’s initiative in May 2014 and refused to follow it up.  The organisers of ONE OF US have appealed to the Court of the European Union to contest the Commission’s decision.


Marie Stopes International, “visibly perturbed by this step” has asked to intervene against ONE OF US, in support of the European Commission. Marie Stopes International is one of the world leaders in abortion and benefits from European Union subsidies.


In a memorandum sent to the Court, ONE OF US declared “its opposition to this request for intervention”, denouncing “not only the methods but also the eugenic ideology of Marie Stopes”.


Zenit (09/06/2015)

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