The Chinese Government is developing “baby boxes”

Publié le : 7 March 2014

 In July 2011, the Chinese government experimented with "baby boxes" at Shijiazhuang, in the Hebei province. Since then, thirty or so "baby boxes" have been installed in several major Chinese cities. The aim of the government: to allow parents "to abandon the children that they are unable to raise". In most cases, these are handicapped children who are anonymously abandoned.

However, this is a contentious issue. In fact, "Chinese legislation does not allow women to give birth anonymously and punishes parents who abandon their children". "The abandonment of children has become a reality in China". Even so, "the Chinese authorities cannot open centres that would allow newborn babies to be abandoned more safely but also more easily". 

For example, the "baby box" in Xi’an, Shaanxi, welcomed its first arrival on 4 December 2013, barely one day after it had opened. The baby boy was suffering from Down syndrome. In Canton, in the Guangzhou province, the "baby box" received 79 babies two weeks after it opened. Most of the babies were suffering from a disorder or were handicapped to varying degree. The
Director of the Shijiazhuang Centre commented as follows: "We cannot prevent children from being abandoned but we can change the way in which this is done". Tang Rongsheng, Director of the Shenzhen Well Being Centre explained, "If we ban baby boxes because they allow parents to commit the crime of abandoning their child, we are undoubtedly sacrificing the life of new-born babies, which contravenes the law, public morality and our civilisation".

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