The Belgian Senate tackles surrogacy

Publié le 8 Mar, 2015

In Belgium, surrogacy is tolerated and “has been openly practised for approximately twenty years” by three procreation centres. The majority of Belgian MPs agree on the need to “incorporate what already exists”. The “creation of a legal joint parenting scheme” will be discussed.

 “According to a close source”, Charles Michel’s coalition government elected last October has discussed the principle of a surrogacy law without going into finer detail.


 The discussions underway focus on three aspects: regulations governing legal filiations, the management of surrogacy and questions surrounding “social parenting” criteria. The general public seems to know little of this subject and may even be “under-informed”, according to Carine Brochier at the European Bioethics Institute.


 At the same time, the first “international forum for the abolition of surrogacy” was held in France by Manif pour tous organisers. The latter joined forces with Manuel Valls to protest against “selling women’s bodies” on 3 October 2014. Manif pour tous has launched a web petition entitled“No maternity traffic”, which it will present to the European Council.



La Croix (Raphaëlle d’Yvoire) 08/03/2015 – Le Figaro (Stéphane Kovacs) 09/03/2015 

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