The artificial hand “of the future” restores the sense of touch

Publié le 16 Sep, 2015

On Friday, 11 September 2015, during a seminar, the American Ministry of Defence research laboratory, DARPA, declared that teams of scientists at the Applied Physics Laboratory, John Hopkins University, succeeded in fitting a 28 year-old male amputee with an artificial hand restoring his sense of touch.


 The artificial hand is capable of such a feat by placing connected electrodes in the patient’s sensory cortex.  This can therefore be controlled by the brain.


This prosthesis “of the future” is the second prototype in the world.  The first one was produced by a European team in 2014.

Experiments have shown that “the sensations experienced [by the patient] through his artificial hand were almost natural”.  


Sciences et Avenir (16/09/2015)

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