The Armenian Government is considering banning selective abortions

Publié le : 23 May 2014

 An enquiry into selective abortion and its causes was carried out in Armenia between June 2012 and January 2013. As this has become current practice in recent years, the Health Minister is now preparing a draft law to ban gender-selective abortions. 

The subject of a birthing imbalance in Eastern Europe was already under investigation in the INED study last December. (Gènéthqiue press review on December 9th, 2014). The Armenian survey confirms this trend. In 2012, the ratio of female to male births was 100 to 114 compared to the normal ratio of 102 to 106.

As far as the Director of the Department for Maternal and Reproductive Health at the Ministry for Health is concerned, “we cannot blame anyone who wants to have a male child but it shouldn’t be realised by getting rid of a healthy girl”. 

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