The 2014 European Elections: is respect for life a voting criterion?

Publié le : 23 May 2014

 The European Citizen’s Initiative, One of us or “Un de nous” in French, is continuing to drum up support as this weekend’s European elections draw closer. Having presented the case to both the European Commission and Parliament, Grégor Puppinck, who is spearheading the campaign, reminded people in his interview on 21 May that “defending life is definitely a voting criterion” and encourages citzens “to contact European Parliamentary candidates”.

The group sent French and foreign European Parliamantary candidates (Austria, Portugal, etc.) a 12-point questionnaire dealing with several bioethical issues.

The aim of One of Us is to allow citizens to find out what regional candidates think about issues such as human embryo research, prenatal screening, MAP, surrogacy, euthanasia or even conscientious objection, before they go to the ballot boxes.


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