Texas: A federal judge overturns a bill restricting abortion

Publié le : 1 November 2013

 On Monday, 28 October, a federal judge in Texas overturned a bill voted on 13 July 2013 to restrict the practice of abortion (Gènéthique press review on July 15th, 2013). The federal judge, Lee Yeakel, believed that the article "posed an anti-constitutional ‘obstacle’ on women wishing to terminate their pregnancy". 

This law prohibits abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, restricts the use of the RU 486 abortion-inducing pill, "imposes building constraints for abortion clinics" and demands that professionals who practice abortion obtain authorisation from a hospital. 
According to the federal judge, the fact that professionals have to obtain an authorisation "[places] a substantial obstacle in the path of a women seeking to abort a nonviable foetus and is thus an undue burden to her". On the other hand, the limits imposed on the use of the RU486 pill were validated due to the risks it poses for the life and health of pregnant women. 
The Texas government has decided to appeal against this decision. Republican Governor, Rick Perry has confirmed that he "would continue the fight" to defend the law: "Today’s ruling will not stop our on-going efforts to protect life and ensure the women in our state aren’t exposed to any more of the abortion-mill horror stories that have made the headlines recently". 

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