“Test-tube babies” more likely to develop paediatric cancers

Publié le 9 May, 2017

In Israel, the Ben-Gourion University has carried out a study that has shown that “test-tube babies” are more likely to develop “various types of paediatric cancers and tumours”.


The study analysed the health records of babies born between 1991 and 2013[1] and monitored up to the age of 18 at the Soroka Medical Centre, BeerSheva, Israel, over an average period of 10.6 years.


1,498 neoplasms were diagnosed during this period: “The neoplasm incidence rate has proved to be higher among children born through IVF and slightly lower for those born through induced ovulation compared to children who were conceived naturally”. 


“The research concluded that the association between IVF and malignant paediatric neoplasms and tumours is significant,” explained Eyal Sheiner, Associate Dean of the University Faculty of Life Sciences, who continued as follows: “With an increasing number of children conceived through fertility treatments, it is important to monitor their health”. 


[1] Out of the 242,187 new-born babies studied, 237,863 (98.3 %) were conceived spontaneously, 2,603 (1.1 %) through in-vitro fertilisation and 1,721 (0.7%) through triggered ovulation.

The times of Israël, Shoshanna Solomon (25/04/2017)

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