Tennessee: Senate approves memorial for abortion victims

Publié le 14 May, 2018

Following in the footsteps of the Tennessee State House, the Senate has approved the erection of a monument “in memory of abortion victims” by twenty-three votes to three.


Although the governor approves the legislation, the size of the monument has yet to be decided. Public funding will not be used and the monument will be erected on a site in Nashville. Not only is it dedicated to unborn children, but also to “women coerced into abortion”, to “fathers who can’t protect their unborn child”, to “brothers and sisters who lose a sibling” and “to society as a whole which becomes coarsened because life is cheapened”, as outlined by Republican, Bill Dunn.


The latter compared the future monument to those erected on Capitol Hill in memory of the victims of Shoah and slavery, to reflect “this brand of inhumanity”. In his opinion, “both monuments which have already been erected recognise the atrocities that have been committed because human beings were treated as less than human. In both cases, the vulnerable and defenceless were subjected to the will of the powerful”.

Slate, Claire Levenson (25/04/2018) ; HuffingtonPost, Alanna Vagianos (25/04/2018)

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