Switzerland: The initiative “financing abortion is a private matter” is rejected

Publié le : 14 February 2014

 On Sunday, 9 January, the Swiss rejected the initiative "Financing abortion is a private matter". Abortion is therefore still refunded by mandatory health insurance in Switzerland. For the creators of this initiative, rejection of the latter means that "the people stand by the principle of solidarity enshrined in the mandatory health insurance system". 

Reacting to the vote, Elvira Bader, Co-President of the Initiative Committee stated that, "Abortion gives you the right to end a life whereas in the case of illnesses caused by smoking or obesity, it is a case of saving life. This is why this kind of service may not be suppressed in the long-term," she concluded. She added that the potential saving of 8 to 20 million francs per year did not constitute a sufficient argument. 
As far as Valérie Kasteler-Budde, Co-President of the Initiative Committee is concerned, "The people have not understood what this initiative means": "People thought that women were coming under attack whereas the idea was to make couples responsible and restore the right of expression to men". Given that the topic of this initiative affects key aspects of life, the Co-President of the Initiative Committee is convinced that the subject will be raised again in the future. 

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