Switzerland: bishops invest in palliative care

Publié le 30 Jan, 2017

Swiss bishops have created a specialist palliative care service in Fribourg. They believe that “palliative care is witnessing strong growth in Switzerland and from now onwards will be an integral part of the health system”. They have therefore decided to “set up a specialist service” “to allow the Church to become involved in palliative care from a spiritual and religious perspective”. The main aim is to “guarantee, through a co-ordinated, motivated approach, a professional pastoral support network that will be available to seriously ill patients alongside medical treatments and nursing staff”.


The first person in charge of this mission is Jeanine Kosch-Vernier, a theologist qualified in social work, management and philosophy. She took up her post at the beginning of 2017. A new Committee bringing palliative care experts together will support the work of this service.

Radio Vatican (18/01/2017)

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