Switzerland: a petition for information on “emotional distress” after an abortion

Publié le 7 Mar, 2019

In Switzerland, a petition launched yesterday for information on all aspects of abortion collected 25,000 signatures. “The public, and in particular young adults, should be better informed about the negative consequences of abortions”, insists the Swiss association Marche pour la Vie (Walk for Life), which started the petition, “as well as the emotional distress of many women”. 


The Swiss National Council and the Council of States will be invited by letter “to take up the issue and take positive action to implement the requirements of the petition”, and “to gain a scientific understanding of the consequences of abortion”. In particular, the text underscores that it is the responsibility of institutions to ensure that the population is informed “about the dark side of abortion and its long-term consequences”.

Le Matin (20/02/19) – Suisse montrer le «côté sombre» de l’avortement


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