Surrogacy in Portugal: grandmother to give birth to grandson

Publié le 25 Sep, 2017

On Saturday, the Portuguese National Council for Medically Assisted Procreation authorised its first surrogacy case. It concerns a 30 year-old woman who underwent “removal of the uterus following severe endometriosis” and her 50 year-old mother “who has agreed to give birth to her grandchild”. The 30 year-old woman’s eggs, which were harvested and frozen prior to removal of the uterus, will be used.


Since the authorisation of this practice in Portugal in July 2016[1] (see Portugal also passes the presidential veto and authorises surrogacy), the MAP Board has received  “numerous requests” but this is the first request to be investigated and unanimously approved by Council Members. The case must now be presented to the Portuguese Medical Association and a decision is expected in 60 days. This decision is not mandatory.


[1] Portuguese law authorises recourse to a surrogate mother in the case of feminine sterility associated primarily with the absence or dysfunction of the uterus and “for no financial gain”. The parties concerned must sign a written contract “primarily stating the provisions to be taken in the event of foetal malformation or potential miscarriage”.

AFP (9/09/2017)

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