Surrogacy in Canada: Quebec firmly opposed

Publié le 18 Jun, 2018

The government of Quebec is vigorously opposed to any legislation that would open the door to commodifying women’s bodies“, the Minister of Justice said in a statement to the media, responding to Canada’s proposed legislation on surrogacy[1]. Bill C-404, introduced by MP Anthony Housefather, will soon be examined. The MP wants to decriminalise surrogacy, do away with “fines” and remove “the prospect of criminal charges for those who carry a child for others, under contract and with or without payment“.


The government of Quebec is “questioning the merits of such a policy“, seeing only the “commodification of women s bodies“. According to Stéphanie Vallée, the Minister of Justice for Quebec, this would remove the “deterrent aspect” of surrogacy, while it is “essential to protect women“.


The Minister of Justice also recalled that, according to the Civil Code of Quebec, surrogacy contracts are “absolutely null“. In the words of Australian anthropologist Andrea Whittaker, it is even a “disruptive industry“.


[1] Could surrogate mothers be paid in Canada?

Radio Canada International, Raymond Desmarteau (31/05/2018)

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