Surrogacy in Cambodia: intended parents must prove their genetic link with the child

Publié le 18 Apr, 2017

Yesterday, the Secretary of State for the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior announced more details relating to procedures to be followed by surrogacy parents retained with their child in Cambodia (see A temporary escape route for babies born through surrogacy in Cambodia) since the ban on commercial surrogacy in November 2016.


Couples must submit an application to their respective embassies and include a paternal DNA test to prove the couple’s genetic link with the child. Each case will be presented to the court which will determine the child’s legal status and certify that the foreign biological father has the right to remove the child. To do this, if the surrogate mother is married, her husband has to relinquish his rights. Finally, the foreign couples must prove that they can look after the child. 

Cambodia Daily (5/04/2017)

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