Surrogacy: a commercial fair organised in Brussels

Publié le 23 Jun, 2016

The American association, Men Having Babies, is organising a second “commercial fair” at the end of September to promote surrogacy in Brussels. The Internet site has announced that, this year, the event will be bigger and better given the “high demand” witnessed during the previous event (see Brussels: A grant to surrogate mothers triggers lively political reactions). Surrogacy is definitely “a question of supply and demand”, explained FAFCE[1], which also highlighted the “financial advice” given by this association. The ethical surrogacy presented by the organisers also enters this “commercial logic”.


This “fair” will provide an opportunity to present “a legal framework for ethical surrogacy”, which “has received the support of LGBT family associations across the world”. For FAFCE, this “declaration confirms that lobbies in favour of same sex marriages also include access to surrogacy on their agenda”. It hopes that the promotion of surrogacy “at the heart of Europe” will trigger reactions.


[1] Federations of Catholic Family Associations

FAFCE (2016/06/23)

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