Suicide vs. medically assisted dying: Canadian doctors are baffled

Publié le 18 Dec, 2017

Further to medically assisted dying legislation in Canada[1], some “baffled” doctors wonder about treating patients who have attempted suicide. And, according to the  National Post, several patients who poisoned themselves did not receive the antidote despite the fact that it was available.


As far as the Quebec Medical Association is concerned, this is tantamount to “not helping a person in danger”: The Association stipulates that, “When faced with a life-threatening situation, you must do everything you can to save life (…) – failure to act would be deemed as negligence”. Bernard Mathieu, President of the Quebec Association of Emergency Physicians, which has a membership of 500, explains that the law governing medically assisted dying is confusing. Indeed, “patients have the right to no longer live and even ask physicians to help them in some cases”.


[1] Over 800 people have undergone euthanasia in Canada in six months


BioEdge, Michael Cook (2/12/2017)

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