STAP cells: the withdrawal of dubious articles does not resolve the enigma

Publié le : 5 June 2014

 Japanese scientist, Haruko Obokata, at the heart of the debate concerning her process for creating stem cells similar to embryo cells, has finally agreed to withdraw both publications.


One of the co-authors of the alleged discovery wrote on 30 May to the Nature journal (which published the papers in January 2014) requesting the withdrawal of the first article. Last week, Professor Obokata agreed to withdraw the first article but confirmed her discovery (Gènéthique press review on June 2nd, 2014).


Faced with accusations of falsifying the results of its researcher and confronted by scientists who announced that they could not reproduce the process, the RIKEN Institute conducted an internal enquiry. Although Professor Obokata’s conclusions are veiled in doubt, the Committee has not directly confirmed or denied the existence of the STAP cells.

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