STAP cells: The Japanese scientist, Haruko Obokata, responds

Publié le : 11 April 2014

 On Tuesday, 1 April 2014, the Scientific Committee heading the enquiry into the RIKEN Institute (Kobe, Japan) announced the results of its final report investigating STAP cells. In the report, the committee denounced the falsifying of data and lack of "ethics" on the part of Professor Haruko Obakata (Gènéthique press review on March 31st, 2014).
This Wednesday, the scientist Haruko Obokata responded: whilst recognising flaws in the way in which the STAP cell results were presented in the Nature journal in January 2014, (Gènéthique press review on January 27th, 2014)she refused to accept accusations of "falsifying data and counterfeiting". 
Professor Haruko Obakata is only 30 years old. She stated that: "perhaps it was beyond my competence to publish an article in the Nature journal." But she maintained that "the errors committed ‘through inexperience’ did not affect the reality of the phenomenon [STAP cells] that she observed". "The STAP cell phenomenon is a reality that I have checked several times", 200 times, she reassured us. 

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