STAP cells: Professor Obokata withdraws one of her publications but confirms her findings

Publié le : 2 June 2014

 Last April, the Investigating Scientific Committee at the RIKEN Institute (Kobe, Japan) announced the results of its final investigative report into the study of STAP cells, denouncing a case of falsification of data and a lack of “ethical sense” on the part of Professor  Obokata, the principal author of the study. Last May, the same institute announced that Professor Obokata’s appeal had been turned down (Gènéthique press review of March 31st, 2014 and Gènéthique press review of May 5th, 2014).
At the end of last week, the Japanese scientist announced that she had agreed to withdraw one of the two publications from the Nature scientific journal but reaffirmed the truth of her discovery in relation to the creation of STAP cells.

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