Spain: the Bioethics Committee supports the abortion reform

Publié le : 4 June 2014

 The Spanish Bioethics Committee has just announced its decision regarding the draft bill on abortion (Gènéthique press review on December 23rd, 2014 and Gènéthique press review on May 5th, 2014). The Committee supported a reform of the abortion law by 9 votes to 3.  

According to the Committee, this draft law “is more consistent with the right to life” than current legislation. According to its report, the Committee supports a law that lists protection of the unborn child as its priority when current legislation authorises abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy “without stating the reason“.   

The Committee is also asking the government to provide maternity assistance in order to reach the desired outcome, namely “a reduction in the number of abortions“. Assistance would be provided in the following areas: “health, services, job market, accommodation and financial assistance“.      

Last but not least, the Committee is calling for support for women who have had an abortion: “information and support for women who decide to terminate their pregnancy must not end at the time of the procedure. Reality shows that these women may need psychological assistance to overcome the consequences of a decision that, in the majority of cases, they did not want to take“.

This advisory opinion from the Bioethics Committee is one of 29 requested by the Ministry for Justice but it was one of the decisions most eagerly awaited since it was delivered by acclaimed experts.

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