Spain limits abortion for minors

Publié le 9 Sep, 2015

On Wednesday, 9 September 2015, the Spanish Senate approved the final version of the reform of the abortion law, initiated by Mariano Rajoy in 2013(cf. Synthèse de presse Gènéthique des 3 septembre 2013, 24 mars 2015 et du 15 avril 2015).


 The reform was adopted by 145 votes to 89 with 5 abstentions by the Spanish Supreme Court.


 The new law provides for “abortion for a minor (…), apart from expressing her willingness to have an abortion, the legal representatives must also give their consent” in order to“give mothers and fathers the option to advise their daughters and be at their side at this difficult period in their lives”.  Until now, young girls under the age of 18 have been allowed to undergo an abortion without this consent.

Jean-Yves Nau (10/09/2015) – AFP (10/09/2015)

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