Spain: heading towards restricted abortions

Publié le : 9 September 2013

 On Monday, 2 September, Spain’s Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, announced that a "draft law" aimed at introducing new restrictions on pregnancy terminations (decriminalised in Spain since 1985) "should be presented before the end of October". 

The July 2010 law, which is currently in force and was voted in by the previous government of José Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero, authorises abortion for all women up to 14 weeks and up to 22 weeks in the case of foetal deformity. Prior to the 2010 law, it was authorised in the event of rape, foetal deformities or in the case of serious physical or mental risk to the mother. As mentioned on several occasions, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon wishes to reform current legislation by adopting a stricter and more respectful approach to the "right to life", and is not afraid of coming under attack or being criticised by the more liberal-minded. 

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