Spain: heading towards a permanent withdrawal of the draft bill on abortion?

Publié le 14 Sep, 2014

Last May, the Spanish Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, who created the draft bill aimed at limiting the number of abortions, announced that the bill could be approved by both assemblies before the summer (Gènéthique press review on May 9th, 2014). At the end of July, however, the bill was still pending. 


The Spanish daily newspaper, El mundo, has today gone further by stating that the said law “will never materialise“. The newspaper confirms the fact that, within the government and the PP (popular party – currently in power), “there is no internal consensus regarding this law and if agreement is not reached – which appears to be a stumbling block – the law will not be approved“. 


The daily newspaper went on to explain that several points were dividing the popular party led by Mariano Rajoy, Chief of Government, especially the fact that the bill might contain “a specific list of deformities incompatible with life, which would allow women to have an abortion“, although the Justice Minister refuted the existence of such a list.


Faced with the “high electoral cost” that some members of the PP attach to this draft bill, a fifth March for Life should unite those in favour of the bill on the streets on 21 September. (Lucia Méndez) 14/09/2014 – 14/09/2014 – (Antoine Huot de Saint Albin) 14/09/214 – Gènéthique

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