Spain: adoption of a new draft bill to restrict minors’ rights to abortion

Publié le 14 Apr, 2015

The new bill, which amends the law passed by the Zapatero government with respect to abortion, was adopted on Tuesday by the Spanish Parliament. This new bill follows on from that of Spanish Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, abandoned in September and aimed at limiting recourse to abortion.


This draft bill was presented by the Parliamentary group of the Popular Party. Mariano Rajoy “did not want to take any risk whilst attempting to secure his majority”. He defended the bill explaining “that it was necessary to correct the mistake that minors have abortions without authorisation and without the advice and support of their parents, which, in its broadest sense, leads the ideological bill to convert abortion into a right”.


The adopted law states that young girls of 16 and 17 years of age must obtain their parents’ consent to have an abortion. In the event of conflict, “a judge will intervene”. According to the ACAI (Association of Abortion Clinics), 12% of young girls who have an abortion do not inform their parents about their decision.


No one is satisfied with this draft bill.  On the one hand, “this bill supports the continuation of the 2010 law”, it“consolidates the betrayal of Rajoy’s promise to protect life”, and on the other hand, it is deemed “reactionary” and“a return to the past”.

Le Figaro (15/04/2015)

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