Spain: a review of the abortion law comes under scrutiny

Publié le : 20 December 2013

 In accordance with the promises made during the 2011 campaign and after having mentioned the point on several occasions, the  Spanish Government announced that the draft bill limiting abortion would be presented to the Council of Ministers and adopted on Friday, 20 December. Given that the Popular Party has held the absolute majority since 2011, the draft law will more than likely be voted in by Parliament. Without revealing the exact content of the draft bill, Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, has stated that the bill "will impose parental authorisation for minors, as outlined by Candidate Rajoy".            

Faced with the draft bill, on Tuesday 17 December, several left MPs signed a "pact for the right to abortion" issued by 200 Feminist organisations. In their address, the organisations called for MPs to "sign a pact between women guaranteeing their rights to sexual reproduction and abortion, (…) (thus) acting as our legitimate representatives and opposing any review of the current law which would diminish women’s rights. They went on to add that: "We appeal to women for their status regardless of any ideology". 

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