Spain: 2,000 demonstrators against abortion

Publié le 11 Oct, 2012

On Sunday 7 October, "around 2,000 people demonstrated to call for a total ban on abortion, at a time when the Conservative Spanish government is preparing a law restricting the current legislation, adopted in 2010 by the Socialists."
The spokesperson of the organisation "The Right to Life", Gador Joya, "who called with other people to join this March for Life," pointed out: "we can see no reason that could justify the elimination of a human being, which is why we call for zero abortions." Francisco Martos, 54, who demonstrated with his wife, explains: "I’ve come because I have a disabled child who is the joy of our house, and to defend the right to life." Gadea Arjona, 21, added: "A life begins at conception," and "abortion is not the solution. There are always other alternatives, such as having one’s child adopted."

The current legislation passed in 2010 "authorises any woman to abort up until 14 weeks of pregnancy, and up to 22 weeks in the case of a ‘risk to the life and the health’ of the mother or ‘a serious malformation of the foetus’, and without any time limit when advised by an ethics committee in the most serious cases."

AFP 07/10/12

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