South Dakota – the 8th state to ban gender selective abortions

Publié le : 28 February 2014

 In the United States, the South Dakota Chamber of Representatives voted in favour of the law banning gender selective abortions with a large majority (60 votes to 10). 

Representative Jeanna Haggar, one of the main supporters of this law, considered it essential in view of new tests that can detect the gender of the foetus in the early stages of pregnancy. According to a survey conducted by the Polling Company in April 2013, 85% of persons interviewed were in favour of banning gender selective abortion.

As far as David Andrusko, Editor-in-Chief of the National Right To Life, is concerned, gender selective abortions are a form of prenatal discrimination waging war against girls.

Currently, in the United States, seven other states have already voted in favour of similar laws: Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arizona, North Dakota, Kansas and North Carolina.

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