South Carolina (USA): A draft law to ban abortion after 20 weeks

Publié le : 23 May 2014

 In the United States, the Lower Chamber (Chamber of Representatives) in the State of Southern Carolina has just adopted a draft law seeking to ban abortion beyond the twentieth week of pregnancy. This proposal was adopted by 32 votes to 10.  The bill must now be passed by the Senate – the Higher Chamber.

One of the members of the Chamber of Representatives, Wendy Nanney, who created the draft bill, presented recent scientific research to show that a foetus can feel pain 20 weeks after fertilisation, if not before. She went on to point out that eleven other American states are also interested in the question of foetal pain.

Dr. Steven Zielinski, from the State of Oregon, is one of the main investigators specialising in foetal pain and was the first person to publish a study on this subject in the 1980s. With his team, he showed that neurological pain structures are active as from the 8th week, sensory nerve impulses are evident in foetal skin before the 9th week of pregnancy with the first brain activity occurring between the 8th and 10th week of pregnancy. After 13.5 weeks of pregnancy, the sensory nervous system is fully active throughout the body.

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