Social services remove child born through surrogacy to British couple, considered too old for parenthood

Publié le 24 May, 2018

A one-year-old born through surrogacy to a couple aged 65 and 63 has just been taken into care by UK Social Services who deem that the couple are “too old to look after the child”.


The baby was conceived with the sperm of the 65-year-old man and a donor egg, and was carried by a foreign surrogate mother, “because most of the UK clinics would not treat a couple of their age”. Surrogacy cost them approximately €115,000, and made them the oldest new parents in the United Kingdom last year.


However, UK Social Services do not seem to see this development in a positive light. Having asked the couple last year “to make improvements to how their child was being cared for”, they decided to take the baby away from them. “The child has been taken into care and the parents have limited supervised visitation rights”.


“This situation could become commonplace in the future with an increasing number of older parents having babies…”

The Sun, Michael Hamilton (29/04/2018)

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