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Social cover on sterilisation, abortion and contraception: the American Supreme Court suspends the “obamacare” directive

Publié le : 31 January 2014

 The United States Supreme Court recently decided to "temporarily suspend the so-called ‘obamacare’ health directive for religious organisations".

According to this directive, employers are obliged "to provide employees with social cover relating primarily to sterilisation, abortion and contraception". On 31 December 2013, the Supreme Court had already ruled in favour of initially suspending this directive in the wake of which the United State Justice Department "in its turn launched an appeal, thereby triggering institutional conflict".

This latest decision to suspend the "obamacare" directive by the United States Supreme Court will be maintained "pending a decree by the Federal Court of Appeal" which has asked organisations to oppose this directive "declaring their position, in writing, to the ‘Department of Human Health and Services’ ".  In other words, the institutes will not be obliged to apply the health directive whilst the legal procedure is underway.

According to Osservatore Romano, Chairman of the Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Joseph Edward Kurtz, has already asked President Barack Obama to exempt religious institutions from any heavy sanctions, which may be imposed if they fail to apply the directive, namely one hundred dollars per day for each employee. 

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