Selling organs – the most brutal solution for Syrian refugees in Turkey

Publié le 2 Mar, 2017

German state television has carried out an investigation into organ trafficking – a “worrying situation”, especially on the Turkish border. Journalists met Ahmed, who posted an announcement on social networking sites: “I’m Syrian, living in Turkey. I would like to donate my kidney and liver lobe. My blood group is A+”. The young male refugee has a visa to return to Germany but has no money left: “I don’t speak Turkish. I don’t have any friends. I don’t have a job or anywhere to live. I will sell my kidney. Because I have major problems. I’m under pressure. I’ve no option other than to sell my body to get money,”he explained. Other testimonies are reported in the German broadcast.


Investigators also met an organ trafficker demanding $15,000for the transplantation, $12,500 for the donor and $1,000 forthe “initial examinations”.


This phenomenon “is soaring”. According to the WHO,“tens of thousands of illegal transplants are carried out each year across the globe”.

RTBF, Pascal Bustamanté (22/02/2017)

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