Selective abortions: Canadian doctors call for an end to scans that determine the sex of the foetus

Publié le : 21 February 2014

 In a joint declaration, the Canadian Society for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Canadian Association of Radiologists have called for an end to ultrasound scans aimed at confirming the sex of the foetus. They also emphasise that private clinics where videos are taken for the future parents solely to provide them with a "souvenir" of the occasion, are acting unethically.

The gynaecologists-obstetricians and radiologists believe that a foetus should never be exposed to ultrasound scans “solely for the purpose of determining the gender, without any medical indication”.

In November 2013, on the occasion of the Conservative Party Congress, the Harper Government condemned gender selective abortion. At the same time, the journal of the Canadian Medical Association urged organisations in charge of the country’s medical legislation to pass a law that would prevent doctors from informing women of the gender of their unborn child before the thirtieth week of pregnancy. 
Furthermore, although there is no solid proof to date that ultrasound scans can trigger foetal abnormalities, recent studies conducted on laboratory animals have shown that such scans can affect the brain of the foetus. 

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