Second full face transplant following rejection: patient follows “tedious” rehabilitation

Publié le 27 Mar, 2018

Jérôme Hamon underwent a second full face transplant on 15 and 16 January 2018[1], after spending three months in an ICU without a face: “no face, eyes closed, no ears, unable to speak for three months”.


The first transplant was performed in 2010 and was gradually rejected by his body. “The entire transplant was completely destroyed and necrotic. His situation was life-threatening. So it had to be removed”, explained the surgeon.


The nerves took three to six months to grow back. Jérôme Hamon could not speak for several weeks and underwent “tedious “rehabilitation. “I’m doing very well”, he said with difficulty, using the Register Transfer Language (RTL) pc.


[1] Man is given a second face after first transplant fails

RTL, Marc-Olivier Fogiel (14/03/2018)

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