Scientists warn of the risks associated with “Three parent IVF”

Publié le : 27 September 2013

 In an article published last week in Science, scientists warn against a medically assisted procreation technique more commonly known as "Three parent IVF". The British Government has recently given the green light to initiate a Parliamentary debate on the use of "Three Parent IVF" by couples, this technique having been authorised solely for laboratory research in Great Britain (Gènéthique press review on July 1st, 2013).         

Scientists in Europe, the United States and Australia have concluded that this new in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) technique is not without numerous risks, as evidenced in various studies highlighting harmful effects in monkeys, mice and even certain species of flies. Apparently, the respiratory and learning capacities of some animals were reduced during tests involving this technique. Fertility and ageing problems were also documented.
Damian Dowling, an Australian biologist at Melbourne University and joint author of the publication, emphasises that the purpose of this article is to draw the authorities’ attention to these studies to promote clear dialogue before "Three parent IVF" is authorised. 

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