Scandal surrounding Italian woman who pays for baby

Publié le 15 May, 2017

After falsifying a pregnancy to mislead her family, an Italian woman discovered that the child she had bought from a young Romanian woman was of mixed race. She returned the child three days later. The baby’s biological mother, the “false” mother and a Moroccan man who acted as the middle-man, have been arrested. The child was found with the biological father. The child was taken to a shelter but could be returned to its father.


According to the Italian press, the 35 year-old Italian woman allegedly paid €20,000 for the baby who was born to a Romanian mother following a “brief relationship” with a man from Mali. The young woman announced that after two miscarriages, she had falsified a pregnancy using prostheses purchased on the Internet. Her partner was then detained. Discovering that the baby was of mixed race, she did not know how to explain the child to her family and friends. 

AFP (29/04/2017)

Photo : Pixabay/DR

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