Russia prohibits the promotion of abortion

Publié le : 6 December 2013

 On Monday 25 November, Russian President Vladimir Poutine sanctioned a law prohibiting any publicity aimed at promoting abortion.          

As far as defenders of abortion are concerned, this new legislation serves only to limit the reproductive rights of women. In response to the new law, Olgerta Kharitonova, who defends women’s rights, announced: "This is not the start of restricting the reproductive rights of women but continues a process initiated in 2011".   
However the Head of the Douma Committee for Families and Children praised this new legislation specifying that "the problems of preventing abortion and changes in public opinion regarding abortion are extremely topical at the present time. Although the number of abortions in Russia is decreasing, the figure still exceeds 5 million a year".           
The last legislation restricting the right to abortion dates back to 2011. In this instance, the government prohibited abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy and imposed a 48-hour reflection period. 

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