Rome: European Congress of Catholic doctors

Publié le : 16 November 2012

 Until 18 November, "a thousand doctors are expected in Rome for the congress of the European Federation of the Catholic Medical Associations (FEAMC) on the theme: ‘Bioethics and Christian Europe’." Coming from fifteen countries in Europe, they will debate "bioethics and their Christian roots,” that is: the beginnings and ends of life, the biotechnologies, clinical diagnosis and predictive medicine, cyborgs, neurobiology of consciousness, ethics of disaster medicine, mass media and bioethics.

Dr Blin, President of the FEAMC, said "this congress is a unique occasion for discussions between Catholic doctors from all over Europe, in the greatest respect for different opinions. Such an event takes on great importance in the current context when certain major ethical foundations of our society are being brought into question."
During this congress, "each national delegation will make its contribution.". Thus, "the French have programmed a session on conscientious objection.” Dr Bertrand Galichon, president of the Catholic Centre for French Doctors (CCMF) and chairman of the session, calls this "a major theme." He points out that "observance of the clause of conscience enshrines the principle of our freedom and our responsibility, which are the essence of our humanity. We must guarantee on this subject the conditions for in-depth dialogue with society by avoiding any identifying position that would block communal reflection on this issue." Dr Galichon concludes: "when there is a transgression of ethics, there must be an ethics of transgression."

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