Report on boy-girl stereotypes from the crèche upwards

Publié le : 28 March 2013

 A report submitted to the government on Thursday 28 March and drawn up by Brigitte Grésy and Philippe Georges from the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas), "observed what occurs in crèches, among childminders and in nursery schools receiving children under 3 years of age." The authors emphasise that "little girls are less stimulated, less encouraged in the collective activities while their appearance gets more attention from adults." They further mention that "rather than favouring neutral toys such as those used in construction games, some crèches organise the area into a dolls corner or a truck corner. The stereotypes are also present in the children’s literature: 78% of the covers of books for children feature a male figure.

To promote equality between girls and boys, the authors of this report recommend the adoption of an “approach based on 5 principles: organisation of the space, choice of books, vigilance during so-called ‘free activities and in the situations of imitation games’, the banning of certain expressions and keeping a count of the times girls and boys are asked to do things by the adult." This approach, they point out, is different from radical experiments and less radical than what is practised in Swedish crèches.

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