Quebec: The “spin-offs” of assisted procreation

Publié le : 9 September 2013

 The centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) (Montreal University Hospital Centre) has issued a statement in which it recounts the lack of support for its assisted procreation programme, which, since 5 August 2010, has been available to heterosexual couples and all women of child-bearing age in Quebec. It is supported by the public system.             

In its statement, the CHUM procreation clinic refers to "an apparent spin-off of medical infertility cases towards a kind of social ‘infertility’", thereby confirming the information site: "between single women, women whose partners are abroad and gay couples, the clinic sees people whose reproduction problems are not health-related, not to mention the ethical headaches – women with psychological or material problems and mothers who want to carry a child for their daughters, etc". Moreover, the assisted procreation programme does not clearly outline the terms and conditions governing treatment. For example, there is no age limit for women – "this criterion is left to the discretion of the doctors". 

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