Quebec reviews its MAP programme in depth

Publié le 10 Sep, 2014

Deemed to be too expensive and a source of spin-offs, Quebec’s programme of medically assisted procreation (MAP) will be modified “in depth”, according to Health Minister, Dr. Gaétan Barette.


In fact, the programme turned out to be far more costly than anticipated, representing an annual expenditure of 70 million Canadian dollars for the Health system. Although the Health Minister has not outlined the strategies to be adopted, one thing is certain, MAP treatments will no longer be free of charge. The recipients will have to pay towards the treatment and this amount will be “means tested”. The strategies should include the recommendations made in the Salois report which raised the matter of “spin-offs” triggering “ethical and administrative problems” (Gènéthique press review on June 11th, 2014).


Furthermore, the MAP programme will still be available to homosexual couples, “but under stricter terms and conditions”.

La (Denis Lessard) 09/09/2014

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