Quebec: citizens demonstrate against the government’s bill to legalise euthanasia

Publié le : 20 March 2013
On Saturday 9 March, forty citizens gathered before the Parliament building in Quebec to denounce the bill of the government of Quebec legalising euthanasia. The Regroupement des Québecois contre l’euthanasie (Quebec People’s Anti-Euthanasia Group) "affirms that the proposed legislation does not comply with the Criminal Code of Canada, which guarantees ‘the safety of all Canadians against homicide, suicide and euthanasia’" and that this bill is "the principal recommendation of the ‘Dying in Dignity’ special parliamentary commission.
The spokesperson of the group, Dr Marc Bergeron, an oncologist, says: "euthanasia directly threatens the physical safety of patients." He points out: "it is dangerous and it is futile […]. We know that if we pass a law like this, we are opening the door to all kinds of abuses. The Canadian Criminal Code protects us against suicide and homicide, and I fear that this law of the government of Quebec will lead to abuses." As an alternative to this bill, Dr Bergeron demands "quality palliative care that is free and available for all Quebec people suffering greatly because of their illness," and explains that "in 30 years of experience in the field as an oncologist I have never seen people who could not be relieved at the end of life. […] When you relieve patients, these requests for euthanasia quickly disappear."

Lastly, he points out that "euthanasia is not a ‘treatment’ recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) nor a right recognised by the Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of Quebec and Canada". 

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