Quebec: A draft bill on MAP presented before Christmas

Publié le 6 Nov, 2014

A draft law aimed at initiating a major reform in the MAP program will be presented by  Canadian Health Minister, Gaétan Barrette to the National Assembly in Quebec before Christmas. The purpose of the draft law is to “map” out the future program.


MAP treatment has been available free of charge in Quebec since 2010 and has proved extremely popular: “This free service has doubled the MAP annual birth rate” but has led to “soaring costs and a slippery ethical slope” resulting in its review.


The draft law could seek to “limit the financial cover for procreation treatments for medically infertile men and women” and offer financial assistance in the form of tax credits – a draft bill to be dreaded in terms of the Canadian Charter for Rights and Freedoms.

Radio Canada (Tamara Alteresco) 05-11-2014

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