Proposals to make abortion “a right like any other”

Publié le : 1 November 2013

 Following an initial report issued on 13 September 2013, the Haut Conseil à l’Egalité (the High Council for Equality between Men and Women) (HCEfh) recommended the creation of an institutional Internet site in favour of abortion. The site was officially launched on 28 September. Last Thursday,7 November, the HCEfh will continue its aim to promote greater access to abortion by putting forward its proposals to the government, advocating that abortion should become "a bit more than any other entitlement", explained Françoise Laurant, President of the Commission for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health of the HCEfh. 

Basically, the HCEfh has to present thirty or so recommendations relating to "the law, the organisation of care and access to information". By way of example, Mrs. Laurant suggests that the concept of "distress" should be removed from the French Public Health Code. Currently, "a pregnant woman who claims that her condition causes her distress" can have an abortion. Another typical recommendation from the HCEfh is to delete "the mandatory one-week reflection period between the first two medical consultations prior to an abortion". Finally, the High Council proposes "the creation of national Plan and an observational abortion study, the authorisation to practice suction abortion under local anaesthesia in a health centre or medical institution" and an improvement in statistics deemed by the HCEfh to be "insufficient". 

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