“Professional negligence” displayed by the New York State Health Department

Publié le : 18 April 2014

 A document comprising over 1,700 pages published by the New York State Health Department (United States) revealed that some abortion centres have not been inspected for twelve years or so. This document highlighted "violations" attempted by the abortion centres since 2000.          

Apparently, the Department of Health has failed to inspect 8 of the 25 abortion centres in the State of New York. Only five have been inspected once in the last 12 years. Overall, the document lists 45 inspections across the entire state. At the same time, over 1.5 million abortions have been carried out. The Department of Health therefore announced that, from now onwards, it would be inspecting centres every 4 years, and that all centres would be "reinspected over the next few days". Mr. Nirav Shah, Head of the Department of Health, has also tendered his resignation. 

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