President of the Gynaecologists’ Syndicate: “We are not here to take away lives”

Publié le 12 Oct, 2018

Interviewed about abortion by a TMC journalist, the President of the French Syndicate of Gynaecologists, Bertrand de Rochambeau, has clarified his position:

“You have to put your heart and soul into the job. I get up at any time of night. I carry out highly complex operations, based on my gut instinct – I only do what I believe in. We are not here to take away lives”.

In response to the journalist’s comment that “as a general rule, women do not class the embryo they are carrying in their womb as a living person,” he retorted with: “That’s their opinion. As a doctor, I’m not obliged to share their opinion. And, if I don’t, both the law and my conscience will protect me”.

Huffington Post (12/09/2018)

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