Preparing the revision of the laws of bioethics with the ‘Jérôme Lejeune’ master

Publié le 31 Jul, 2008

The challenges of the next revision of the laws of bioethics will be complex and determining: this new legislation will fundamentally direct our society in matter of health and research. The debates which will precede this revision, organised within the framework of General States in 2009, will concern all citizens, and as a priority health professionals, public actors, advisers, students and training managers involving an ethical dimension. 


In this perspective, the Léon Harmel political institute and the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation created a master (fifth-year university degree) in medical ethics dealing with the most emblematic themes: biological and philosophical status of the embryo; problem of the gestation for third people; voluntary termination of pregnancy (VTP) and medical termination of pregnancy (MTP); organisation of prenatal screening; democratic eugenics; challenges of the research on stem cells and cloning; thought on death; organisation of palliative care…


Taught buy health professionals, jurists, philosophers, psychoanalysts, the training counts among its intervening parties: 
– Tony Anatrella, psychoanalyst;
– Dr JM. Gomas, coordinator physician of the functional unity Pain and Palliative care of the APHP; 
– Fabrice Hadhadj, professor of philosophy and writer; 
– Pr. Alain Lejeune, president of the international Federation of catholic pharmacists; 
– Marguerite Peeters, ethicist and director of Interactive Information Service; 
– Me Jean Paillot, lawyer; 
– Pr. Emmanuel Sapin, head of paediatric surgery department (University Hospital of Dijon) ; 
– Monette Vacquin, psychoanalyst;
– Dr Pauline de Vaux, addictologist.


As one day or another we will have to face decisions involving our responsibility, this master gives keys to understand the philosophic and anthropologic challenges of health issues; acquiring basic ways of thinking regarding medical ethics; stopping suffering from ideological pressures faced with dramatic cases and put at life’s and suffering human person’s service.


Information and registration at the Léon Harmel political institute: 
3ème cycle de bioéthique Jérôme Lejeune
176, rue du Temple – 75003 PARIS
Phone: 08 77 97 57 86 / 06 25 37 62 83


1- Guide Politique de bioéthique, Association pour la Fondation de Service Politique, Editions Privat, juin 2008 2- Réflexions du Conseil d’Etat sur le droit de la santé, Rapport public, 1997, La Documentation française, Etudes et Documents n°49, p.286

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