Pre-implantation diagnosis: The Swiss Church fears misconduct

Publié le : 20 September 2013

 In Switzerland, whilst a draft law is currently being debated in Parliament to relax conditions for allowing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), the Church of Switzerland via the Bioethics Committee at the Episcopal Conference published a press release on 13 September 2013 to heighten awareness of the potential risks involved in making the legislation more flexible.     

The following points were made: "if we strive to push back the boundaries, other concessions will inevitably follow. This paves the way for an era of eugenic practices: In fact, PGD stems from eugenism as the Federal Council explicitly points out in its message. […] A society will not improve when it allows itself to select what it considers to be ‘good’ and to eliminate the others". It ends by stating that the Church is calling for "a way in which the technique can be directed towards innovative solutions that respect human life as a whole". 

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