Pope Francis: “The principle of responsability must guide scientists”

Publié le 24 Apr, 2017

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Italian National Committee for Biosecurity, Biotechnologies and Life Sciences, Pope Francis welcomed members on 10 April and encouraged them to “promote the harmonious development of scientific and technological research without forgetting to prevent a distorted use of the knowledge and ability to manipulate life”. Given the “enormous and growing power that places technologies in human hands”, the Pope reminded delegates that “science and technology are made for man and the world, not man and the world for science and technology”. They should be “at the service of a dignified and healthy life for all in the present and in the future”. The principle of responsibility must guide scientists like engineers to “decide which stages can be ‘crossed’ and which ones ‘should be left and a different route taken'”.


Pope Francis also warned “against the intertwining between technological power and economic power” to the detriment of populations and the poorest nations. He called for “collaboration between the various scientific, productive, ethical, social, economic and political bodies” and “increased public awareness of the questions raised by developments in life sciences and biotechnologies”.

Radio Vatican, Samuel Bleynie (10/04/2017)

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