Pope Francis calls on priests to forgive abortion

Publié le 1 Sep, 2015

In a letter, now in the public domain, that was sent to the organiser of the “Jubilee of Mercy” to be celebrated between 8 December 2015 and 20 November 2016, the Holy Father announced yesterday that he would grant priests permission to absolve the sin of abortion within the scope of sacramental forgiveness for all those who have practised, encouraged or proposed this act. This option is normally reserved for bishops. Absolution will therefore extend to doctors and family members who have forced a woman into having an abortion and are now seeking repentance. As far as the Pope is concerned, “God’s forgiveness for someone who repents cannot be denied”.

Jean-Yves Nau (02/09/2015), AFP (01/09/2015) Jean-Louis de La Vaissiere

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